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That’s the Question We’re all About

At we want to ask of songs “Is It Helpful?” This rating system has been developed to help you choose songs for congregational singing wisely, and to train leaders to think about worship music in this way.

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We hope that you have been enjoying the lessons in Psalms. In conjunction with the current Psalms Blog and 3:16, we are excited to announce a new resource available to you through our merch store. We are offering a book that gathers the overview lessons from the Psalms Blog and puts them into a devotional or small group format. This book includes lessons in Psalms 1,2,42,43,73,90, and 107, along with discussion pages and work pages.

This study is designed to last seven weeks, so prayerfully consider whether a study like this would be helpful to you or to a small group you are a part of.

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Psalm 125

We do not know what may lay ahead of us as God followers, but even if our places of worship are torn down, God will keep us.

Calvary Covers it All

This song is a sober reflection on the pain that Jesus experienced in order to secure our freedom from sin.

God Initiated a Plan for Salvation

Since we are inadequate to fix our broken relationship with God and we are born set against Him, God must be the one to move toward us.

The Gospel Song

It is truly amazing that all of these vital theological concepts are able to be transmitted through such an economy of beautiful words.


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The Latest Episode

Season 2 Episode 5

Tune in to hear lessons on Psalm 125 and how We are Saved to Serve God as well as reviews of the songs “Calvary Covers it All” by Mrs. Walter G. Taylor and “The Gospel Song” by Drew Jones.

This Season’s Songs

In conjunction with our podcast 3:16, here you will find the songs that are being written and talked about during Season 2. Click here to see a full list of Reviewed Songs.

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God Moves in a Mysterious Way

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This is Amazing Grace