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That’s the Question We’re all About

At we want to ask of songs “Is It Helpful?” This rating system has been developed to help you choose songs for congregational singing wisely, and to train leaders to think about worship music in this way.

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Sing! 19 Recap Video

Watch my experience at the Sing! conference with Keith and Kristyn Getty.


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Psalm 125

We do not know what may lay ahead of us as God followers, but even if our places of worship are torn down, God will keep us.

Amazing Grace

What this song does exceptionally well is not only speak about the beginning of the gospel in someone’s life, but it also demonstrates how that gospel continues to sustain and carry believers through life’s various challenges.

Jesus is Returning

We need to put the hope of the resurrection and return of Jesus before our people so that they can serve faithfully with the hopeful expectation of the coming kingdom.

The Gospel Song

It is truly amazing that all of these vital theological concepts are able to be transmitted through such an economy of beautiful words.


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Season 2 Episode 5

Tune in to hear lessons on Psalm 125 and how We are Saved to Serve God as well as reviews of the songs “Calvary Covers it All” by Mrs. Walter G. Taylor and “The Gospel Song” by Drew Jones.

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In conjunction with our podcast 3:16, here you will find the songs that are being written and talked about during Season 2. Click here to see a full list of Reviewed Songs.