Here is Love


-Drew Bundy


“Here is Love” by William Rees was penned during the Welsh Revivals of the last century. It became somewhat of a theme song for this movement and has been loved by many since. Recently Steve and Vikki Cook have composed a beautiful new melody for it and updated some of the language. This rich and beautiful song is a great reminder to the church to look upon the overflowing love of God in Christ Jesus.

The Gospel

The verses of this song are full of Gospel truths. Rees points singers to Christ as their ransom from the first verse and then in verse two describes the cross as being the centerpiece from which God’s love burst into the world. 

Names of God

The names of God are used sparingly, and it is mostly from context that one has to come to understanding that this song is focused on Christ. The names used are Prince of Life, and God. In the chorus added by the Cooks they include Savior. Though this isn’t a long list of names, it is clear enough who is being sung about in this song.

Heavenward Focus

Rees does a good job of pairing huge thoughts about God’s love with ample opportunity to praise Him for it, and this is often done at the same time. The chorus added by the Cooks is full of response to the truths sung in the verses of the song.

Theological vs. Doxological

Because of these heavenward additions, the song is both theological and doxological. It expounds God’s infinite love through Christ and also allows the singer to worship and praise Him for these truths.

Why Did it Get Its Score?

Because “Here Is Love” checks so many boxes on the “Is It Helpful? Chart” it earns the high score of 97%. If your congregation needs to pause for a moment and reflect thoughtfully on the immense love of God, this song will serve you well in doing that with an eye toward heaven and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Utilizing it in a Service

The Cook arrangement of this song is the one that I am most familiar with. Its melody emphasizes the grandeur of God’s love. Because of this, this song really lends itself to closing a portion of the service. It could be challenging to move from this to something more lighthearted in tone. Allow this song’s gravity to linger for the congregation after it has been sung so that they can reflect on the truth it presents.

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Drew Bundy