What We Do

Our primary focus at is to review songs, old and new, and to evaluate their ability to help the church accomplish its mission to reach people with the gospel and disciple people to become more like Christ. We also want to give music pastors tools to help them think critically about songs for their congregations to sing. We do this through the following ministries:

Psalms Blog: In our Psalms Blog we dive into Psalms to glean from them how the people of Israel and the church have worshipped, and what God sets as a pattern for our worship.

Hymns Blog: In our Hymns Blog we discuss the history and merit of songs that have been sung by the church for generations. In analyzing these songs we hope to pass on the great treasures of church music and think more critically about what music we write today should look like.

Spiritual Songs Blog: In our Spiritual Songs Blog we discuss new music that has been written for the church. We are excited to see so much new music being written, and want to grow in our discernment as we use these songs to encourage the church.

Ministering Through Music Blog: In our Ministering through Music Blog we teach about congregational singing and what the Bible says about our singing together. This is a great resource for church leaders who want to start discussions on music with their leaders or congregation.

3:16: 3:16 is an extension of the four blogs listed above. The name of the podcast is inspired by Colossians 3:16 “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” (ESV) This podcast airs twice a month for three months at a time. In the podcast you will hear our lead writer and editor, Drew Bundy, talk out loud about the Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs that we post about regularly. This is an opportunity to hear someone think through music in this way.

The Is It Helpful Chart: A lot of what we do focuses around this question, “Is it helpful?'“ By helpful we mean–does it help the church accomplish her mission? And so we use this devise to think through music that might be sung in the church to evaluate the merit of each song. This chart then feeds into our Spiritual Songs and Hymns Blogs as well as our Reviewed Songs.

Reviewed Songs: All of the songs that we have thought through the Is It Helpful Chart are given a final score marked as a percentage and uploaded here. This index provides a link to at least a Spotify and YouTube recording of each song if you aren’t familiar with it or want to enjoy listening. Our goal is to write articles for each of these songs, but please have patience while we get there. As we do write them they will be linked to a blog post on either the Spiritual Songs Blog or Hymns Blog.

Why We Do

There is a lot of music out there for your church to sing. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. There are also so many competing ideas about why we sing and what we sing. So, we seek to provide tools and references you can use to think Biblically about these issues. We pray that by using our resources you will grow more in your love for Christ and be able to accomplish His mission for the church more effectively, specifically through His gracious gift of music.