All I Have is Christ

3-4-19-Drew Bundy


“All I Have Is Christ” by Jordan Kauflin has become one of the church’s favorite anthems. The simplicity of the chorus’s expression of total dependence on God is wonderfully paired with the personal account of Salvation in the verses. 

The Gospel

The verses are rich with gospel truths. There is a progression described throughout them that takes the singer from the despair and darkness of being lost, then to the grace of Jesus rescuing him from sin, and to a life committed to serving God through the power of God. Talking about the gospel in this personal way serves to guide the singer’s mind not only to the truths of the gospel but also to clear images of Jesus’ work in someone’s life.

Names of God

The first verse is very focused on the sinful state of the natural man and does not contain names of God, but as soon as Jesus enters the narrative Kauflin uses: God, Christ, Jesus, Lord, and Father. This clear praise of Jesus gives this song a distinct Christian language. 

Heavenward Focus

This song is mostly focused on the transformative work of God in the heart of a believer, but the chorus is very heavenward focused and exclusively uses language of praise. The last verse is also focused on living a life that is not for this world but of service to God.

Theological vs. Doxological

Though truths are presented in a narrative way, they are clear and are not left without an opportunity to respond in praise. Much of the verses are revelatory and the chorus is clearly responsive. This dynamic of truth and praise makes this song both Theological and Doxological. 

Why did it get this score?

“All I Have Is Christ” received a 98% from the “Is it Helpful? Chart.” That’s an incredible score, and it testifies to Jordan Kauflin’s hard work and craftsmanship in the simple and powerful lyrics of this song.

Utilizing it in a Service

I have often seen this song used to open a service. It can help to set the stage for a time of testimony as it is very testimonial itself. It is also well suited to the conclusion of a service, because it can recap the transformative work of the gospel and provide opportunity to praise.

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Drew Bundy