Living Hope


-Drew Bundy


“Living Hope” by Phil Wickham and Brian Johnson is a well written modern anthem for Resurrection Sunday. In beautifully poetic language the authors describe the lostness of fallen mankind, the finality of Jesus’ saving work, the wonder of forgiveness, the resurrection, and the freedom gained in Christ.

The Gospel

There are several strong gospel lines throughout this song. “The God of ages stepped down from glory to wear my sin and bear my shame,” is one of the best. The verses present the gospel in a clear and full way through their poetic imagery. The chorus then allows opportunity to praise God for this gospel.

Names of God

The names of God used here are Jesus Christ, God, King of kings, Savior, Roaring Lion, and Jesus. These are descriptive and well utilized names and titles that clearly show Jesus’ deity and ability to be a perfect substitute.

Heavenward Focus

The chorus does a good job of allowing singers to praise God and celebrate their freedom from death, and therefore eternal life, found in salvation. God is also described in a heavenly manner in verse two as the “God of ages.” Though the majority of this song is focused on Christ’s earthly ministry and our states before and after conversion, there is a good amount of heavenward focus.

Theological vs. Doxological

As many songs do, the verses of this song present truths, and the chorus serves as a response to it. This creates a dynamic that is both theological and doxological.

Why did it get this score?

“Living Hope” received a 96% from the “Is it Helpful? Chart.” This high score is earned through its presentation of the gospel, clarity about Jesus, and ample opportunity to render praise unto Him.

Utilizing it in a Service

This song makes a great Easter anthem, but is useful in all seasons of the Church calendar. It is a strong piece that begins in a quiet place, so it could be helpful to begin a service or transition from a quieter part of the service to a more boisterous one.

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Drew Bundy