The Passion


-Drew Bundy


“The Passion” by members of Hillsong Music, Scott and Brooke Ligertwood and Chris Davenport focuses on Christ’s work to end death. This song is full of Gospel truths, and is a gem among the large amount of music that Hillsong has produced over the years.

The Gospel

So much of this song is centered around the Gospel. Even the name, “The Passion,” is a reference to an old fashioned way of referring to the death of Jesus. This title is still used in the term “passion songs” which are songs that center around the cross. This is definitely a passion song in its own right, but unlike many of its kind its main focus is the new life given by the death of Jesus. There are some pretty strong terms used here for the work of the Gospel such as “The cross that leaves no question to the measure of His love,” “The innocent judged guilty while the guilty one walks free,” and “Death would be His portion and our portion liberty.” Drawing these stark contrasts helps to drive home the line “For Jesus blood that sets us free means death to death and life for me.” Many passion songs dwell only on the cross and do not turn their attention to the empty tomb, but this is an exception. The bridge brings the singers to the resurrection which seals this purchase of life.

Names of God

Saviour, God, Jesus, and Lamb are the names of God that are used in this song, but, as discussed above, there are other references to Jesus and His work poetically stated as well. This song leaves no question as to who is being sung about or who did these great works.

Heavenward Focus

The bridge is where the most heavenward focused statements are. “I give my whole life to honour this love” is followed by “By the Lamb who was slain, I’m forgiven. The sinner’s Saviour, crown Him forever.” These lines remind the singer to use the life that has been purchased for them to honor and glorify the Redeemer.

Theological vs. Doxological

Presented in this song are both opportunities to learn and reflect on theological truths and rejoice excitedly in them. For the most part, the verses and the chorus are theological and the bridge is doxological, but there are moments of each in all of the song. This song is both theological and doxological.

Why did it get this score?

“The Passion” did very well in the “Is it Helpful? Chart” gaining a 97%! This song is a great help to the church, and many people are singing it already. The biggest hurdle to introducing this song to congregational singing is that the rhythms in the verses are somewhat unusual. But, there is a great amount of truth here, and singing this song would be worth the effort.

Utilizing it in a Service

This is a powerful sounding song, and it might be difficult to follow it with another. It seems to present itself as an anthem to sing at the end of a set, but I wouldn’t tie it down too much. This is a useful song for any service, but it does suit itself well to Easter Sunday.

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Drew Bundy