Creation Sings


-Drew Bundy


“Creation Sings” by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend praises God for His work of creation while also reminding its singers of the person through whom that creation was made–Jesus. It even looks forward to the return of Jesus when creation will be returned to the state God intended it to be. What makes this song unique and more helpful than others like it is that it doesn’t only look at the grandeur of creation as inspiration for praise, but it also considers the gospel and rightly connects these two revelations of God.

The Gospel

The first verse focuses on the beauty of the world God has made, and then the second takes a look at Jesus through whom all things were made. This song recounts Jesus’ humiliation to earth as well as God’s eternal plan to reconcile man to Himself. This song gets very specific about Jesus’ death and how it is that He is able to pay the penalty for sin.

Names of God

The names of God used here are Father, King, Ageless One, God, Second Adam, and Christ. All of these titles emphasize God’s creative and endless power and make sure that the singer knows he is talking about the One True God and the person of Jesus Christ.

Heavenward Focus

While the second verse is about the gospel, the first and more so the last verses point the singer toward God’s majesty and ultimately Jesus’ return to reign forever. The chorus also is filled with heavenward language that invites the whole earth to praise God for its creator.

Theological vs. Doxological

Much of the verses are Theological in nature, but the chorus acts as a Doxological opportunity to praise God for what has just been recited. This balance between the two sections of the song make it both Theological and Doxological.

Why did it get this score?

“Creation Sings” by Keith and Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townend earned a 98% on the “Is it Helpful? Chart.” It did this because of its heavenward eye, specific gospel language, and its rich recounting of Biblical truth.

Utilizing it in a Service

This song is great for the opening of a service or part of the service. It immediately instructs the congregation to look away from themselves and consider the majesty of God the Creator. 

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Drew Bundy